Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tiger Speaks, Sort Of

I hope Tom Rinaldi and ESPN don’t break their arms patting themselves on their backs for the exclusive “interview” with Tiger Woods tonight. That wasn’t much of an interview – five minutes – and you almost could hear the clock ticking. The “interview” was so brief that the participants did it standing up. It was nicely staged by Tiger’s public relations consultant Ari Fleischer who was President George W. Bush’s spinmeister in the White House. (Woods later said he not long employs Fleischer.) Rinaldi’s questions were lame but not as lame as Tiger’s answers. He was nicely rehearsed, falling back on family privilege, getting treatment, losing his core values, blah, blah, blah. The only good line was when he noted that “everything came to a head.” Gee, that really was the heart of the problem. Who knew the world’s best golfer was a sex addict? So Tiger will stroll among the friendly confines of Augusta National in a couple weeks, but he’s kidding himself if he thinks the questions will stop. Golf fans can move on from the sordid details of his extramarital affairs. Now it’s time to judge his conduct, which has been unbecoming, on the golf course.

Woods also gave a brief interview to Kelly Tilghman of the Golf Channel, who was suspended when she suggested that other players might want to lynch Woods because he was winning too many tournaments. Let bygones be bygones, I guess, at least when it comes to manipulating the media. Woods came off a bit more human in Golf Channel interview saying his actions were "horrific" and that he was disgusted with himself.

Hitting range balls while wondering whatever happened to Tom Wargo.

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